Our Bus Ads are Back!

We missed seeing the lovely faces of the moms and babes featured in our Breastfeed: Anytime Anywhere campaign! So in honour of World Breastfeeding Week, October 1-7, 2018, we have put a couple of ads up on City of Stratford buses to remind our community of the importance of supporting breastfeeding. Happy to see these breastfeeding moms around town again 🙂


Breastfeeding Buddies Facebook Group Update: Now a Private Group!

Hello friends!

There has been a change to our Breastfeeding Buddies Facebook Group. We decided to switch to being a private group to allow for more personal questions and support. And I’m happy to report it’s going great!

You can find the support group here (you’ll need to request to join): Breastfeeding Buddies Perth – Private Group